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This is my link section so far but more to come.

Mugen Related


Elecbyte are the creators of the beautyful mugen.This is were it all started for me you can download mugen from here and get kung fu man or files for him to help you make your own character this is what I used for Ryu.


Mugen4ever is the best mugen site for downloads I think any newcomer should check it out.

Marios Mugenisis

This is a pretty good site try it out let me tell you this is like the third day out so don't get all mad if you don't see a whole wrack of stuff.

Video Games Related


This is a very good gameing site they have game reviews pictures and and contest.


This is the best site for cheats and all kinds of codes the nick name for this site is called the cure for the common code.


Nice reviews and alot of cheats.